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Hair Cut & Style
Includes: professional hair cut, neck shave, head massaging shampoo, a hot steam towel for your face, a brush of powder around your neck—all without any hair down your shirt!
Signature Hot Shave
No Bumps no Rash Includes: three hot steam towels, cleansing treatments, moisturizing lotions, and a great close shave. So soothing, we may have to wake you up when we're done.
Shoe Shine
Ladies always notice the shoes! Go ahead ask one... Told Ya!

Specials & Extras

The Whipper Snapper
Basic haircut for youngsters under 14 years old.
"We don't need no stinking badges"
But if you have one.... Same great process for Military Men, Policemen, and Firemen
"The Walter Bruce Willis"
(Yep, that's his real name) Head Shave, complete with tingling cleansing treatment and scalp massage
Tough Guy Facial
Men's Relaxation Facial includes deep cleanse and massage, skin exfoliation, hot steam towel and moisture mask. Promotes a youthful appearance—so you can always run with the young bucks
"Cool Hands, Luke" Manicure
It's a "Man"-icure, with Hand & Arm Massage. We'll cut, file, and clean the dirt out from under your nails, then buff em til they shine! While we're at it, we'll massage your hands and arms with some great moisturizing lotions.
Foot Detailing
We aren't afraid of your feet either! Similar to the Manicure, but for your tired, aching feet and legs. Fancy salon's call it a Pedicure... You'll just call it comforting!
$30 & up
D.Y.O.F (Donate your old fur)
Back Wax—Painless and we promise she will love you for it !
Separation Anxiety
Unibrow Wax—eyebrows should come in pairs!
$26 & up
CAMO color "Lose That Gray"
Go ahead, cover that gray, we'll never tell.
$44 & up
CAMO color "Lost and Found"
Creative accents for the young (and the young at heart.)


60 Minute, Full body
90 Minute, Full body extended


Ice Cold Beverage
Sports Line/Odds
Legal Opinions
Dry Cleaning Drop Off
Garment Steaming
Golf Advice

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